Abingdon Airfield

I'd read about these trackday thingummies on the Internet or in a magazine or something, and being as I knew I was driving the car nowhere near the limit on the road I thought it was about time I tried one. The trackday market in those days was nothing like it is now, they were a relatively unknown of pass-time and there were a lot more venues than there are now!

This one was at Abingdon airfield, which is only about an hours drive from me, and can just about be seen from the A34 when travelling towards Oxford. I'd arranged to go with Bunsen Burner in his modified mini and met him there.

It was a brilliant day, whereas I'd thought the car had ample power on the road (100bhp!) on the track it was almost the slowest car there! (dont forget in those days Elises were about the slowest cars at trackdays, none of the hatches you get these days!). Cant really remember if I had any spins or anything, but the brakes were certainly feeling like they'd worked hard on the way home.

Being as the car was the pride and joy then, and I'd not done anything like it before I'd even arranged trackday insurance and what not!

The mini was funny, sideways 50metres before the bend, all the way through the bend and 50 metres after the bend too. But apparently the engine didnt like the day too much :( Hopefully might see it again at a day or two next year, in further modded/track suited form eh?

Paddock. Paddock, Tuscan race car.