December 2000 Brands Hatch Indy

There was this trackday at Brands coming up, that a few people were trying to talk me into. It was very cheap for Brands, but it didn't click that this was because it was in December, so I booked in!

The forecast looked like rain, so I spent a couple of evenings bodging a form of hood together, using pond liner, carbon offcuts, a rivet gun, and bits of steel from B&Q. It was about 5hours work, and 25quids worth of materials but WELL WELL worth it, even though it has never been used since.

It was very wet, and once again I was probably one of the slowest cars there. In those days I hadnt got wise to the weather protection my new car has (aeroscreen, no carpets, un-covered seats & biker-suit) so it was a pretty cold and miserable experience!

Quite a nice circuit, a little bit short, but Paddock Hill was good. The wet experience obviously hasn't worn off yet, because I haven't been back since, but would like to go and do the Grand Prix circuit next year.

The journey home was horrific. Anymore than 50mph and the car would aquaplane on the M25/M3, so I had huge trucks right up the arse. Then there were bad floods in Salisbury, so ended up wading through several 6inch deep sections, which a Westy isn't really designed for.

Glad to get the car back in the garage that time!

Me on the straight. Wusses with roofs. A Caterham. Two Caterhams.
Pitlane. Pitlane. Wet. Traffic!
Approaching Paddock Hill. View upto hairpin. Nice Megablade ;) Our garage, my car.
Looking into our garage. Me crossing the line. Tim crossing the line. Our garage again.
Westie. Megablade. Wet. Wet.