Stoneleigh 2001

So, one year after the first Stoneleigh trip, the car was back up again, but this time, with the Blackbird engine. So where I'd scared friend/relatives with 165bhp per ton, now I had 330bhp per ton, heh!

At the time, there were no blackbird engined factory cars, and virtually zero bike-engined conversions on older pre-mega Westfields, so my car got a LOT of interest in the Westfield club paddock. It was pretty much impossible to get away from the car, everytime you thought there was a chance to pop the bonnet back on and do a runner, someone else like-minded would come up and start asking questions about it! There was a super-charged crossflow Westy getting similar attention.

Another good run back through the Cotswolds. I had a bloke on a Blackbird behind me for ages, I think he must've been confused why I had CBR1100 stickers on the back of the car!

My car. My car. My car. My car.
My car. My car. My car. My car.
My car.