05/07/02 Anglesey

After many moons of being told I must go to Anglesey, I finally gave in, knowing that the car was reliable, and was still useable in wet conditions. Through some jiggery-pokery I borrowed a tow-car and hired a trailer for the trip (minimum 7hours drive for me!).

There were loads of serious looking Porsches there, I think having a sly practice for a future race, but it was very interesting that even the fastest were only really a match for our cars. This is largely down to the circuit, it's very technical and perfectly suited for light cars.

Anyway, have to agree, a leisurely trip to Anglesey, taking in a B&B, is well worth it. Think I got a taste for this trailering lark though!

Borrowed tow-car, hired trailer. Check out the winnebagos! The southern bike engined posse setup camp. Looks like rain, quick nab the scrutineering bay.
School bend. Westy blades park here. Crossle and other cars. Ask the ninemeister, alright.
Sea. More school bend. Kneel before it. Bonnet off, as usual.
Cav looks to the mountains. Me rounding school. Rhodri on the straight. Chris on the straight.
Me. Me. Rhodri. Argh, pants, too late on the brakes.
Me. Time to change wheels. Well, at least it's orange. Got the proper wheels on now. School much quicker now.
Chris round school. Me. Sevens in school. Me.
Me. Me, nice backdrop!