28/09/02 Anglesey

I told you I'd got a taste for towing! Since the previous trackday I bought a trailer and traded the 206 in for a 306HDI. This was the first event for the new setup.

Once again, despite the weather forecasts, once you get up there the sun is out and barely a cloud in sight!

Almost getting the hang of Anglesey now, still think it's great, so will be back again once recovered from the trip up there (10hours this time!).

Car on the new trailer. First outing for new tin-top and new trailer. The paddock. The paddock.
Southern bike engined squad unload. More BEC squad. Exige. More participants.
BaT cars. Carl's shiny engine. School. Carl.
Exige Elise. Carl. Elises.
Hairpin. Hairpin. Dusty. Looking over to the back straight, from the hairpin.
View. Pit-lane. Start/finish straight. Paddock.
Exige. 7 Paddock.