23/03/02 Brooklands

So, first trackday with the new car. The car had only been SVA'ed and registered about ten-days before, and it'd been raining pretty much ever since, so I turned up at Brooklands with a total of 200miles on the clock!

The day was organised by Simon of the bike-engined-cars list and was almost exclusively bike-engined-cars. At the price, it was difficult to complain, but the surface was pretty badly broken up! Fortunately it has now been resurfaced.

Having spent most of the previous 4months in the garage building the car it was great to get it on track and scare a few passengers. The car behaved pretty well, only complaint was a bit of clutch slip, but being an 18000mile engine on the original clutch this was no great shock and soon fixed afterwards.

Very good day though, for the social/BEC atmosphere as much as the track action. Looking forward to the next one on November 30th.

Big Baz's Big Busa And when I switch the nitrous on, its quicker than a 'busa! Tiger Z100. First outing for my car.
Dan's furybird. Pete's Fury9R. Fury9R. Gordons RGB Blade.
Cars on track. Mad-Dog Boris's Phoenix. Z100. My car.
My car. Nitroblade. Busa. My car.
Big bruv busa, and little bruv blade.