19/04/02 Hullavington

Second trackday in the new car was at Hullavington airfield which is reasonably local. It was good to meet Gary and Mark there in their FuryBlades. The noisetest (103db) was a bit close, but the car made it through just.

Quite a good layout, using bendy perimeter roads, as well as the main runways. There was one VERY long straight with a hairpin at the bottom, before backup again. I peaked at 128mph down the straight and it was amazing how late I could leave the braking for the hairpin. Really showed the lighter weight advantages of the new car over the old one.

Car was faultless, no problems at all.

Line-up. My Westy. Another westy. Couple of Daxes.
Fury XE. Dax. Mark's rather nice Fury blade. Fury blade engine.
Track. Caterham SV. XE Westy. Another 'blade.
Gary's Furyblade. Dax. Gary's Furyblade. Gary's Furyblade.