24/05/02 Hullavington

So back to Hullavington for another airfield day. It's fairly local, and a pretty good layout and surface, plus a few of the local Westfield club were going. Unfortunately residents and local circuits had been complaining about this and another local airfield (Colerne) being used for trackdays, and this had succeeded in Colerne being shutdown, so unfortunately, with only 3days notice we were informed that the noise limit for this day had been dropped from 103db down to 100.

I just about got through initially, but later was black flagged on the circuit for being too loud. Thankfully, Tony lent me a SuperTrapp which knocked 2dB off, and I was told to keep the revs below 8500rpm for the rest of the day.

Never-the-less it was a good day, but sadly I've not been able to go back since, with the new 100db limit.

Car of the day was definitely the 1928 Frazer Nash, very impressive and amazed it was at a trackday and not being polished for shows/museums!

Paddock. Elises. One for the caption competition? Fury.
Stripped out Porka. Check out the additional silencer... Toyota 1600 Westy. Looks like rain.
Mark's bargain SEi. Frasher Nash, complete with ambulance transporter. Nash. Westies.