19/07/02 Kemble

The opportunity to do a cheap relaxed noise-limit day at Kemble with the Sylva Sportscars Club was too good to resist, so quite a bunch of us went. Orange Westies ahoy!

Was a really hot day, and the track was brilliant. A section of it has been resurfaced, especially for trackdays in a sort of 180degree constant radius bend and this is immense fun for getting the back end out.

Kemble days are normally 103db, so I'd like to get my car below this, so that I can go back next year.

Caterham Caterhams. Fury. Orangetastic.
More orange. More.... I spun here, several times. Baz's busa.
Me blade. Baz's busa. Tim having a show-off. New Elise.
Orange. Baz makes a bad shirt choice.. Baz looks like he's going fast. Gary's blade.
Gary's blade. Mark's rather nice furyblade. My blade. Me, loadsa bodyroll.
Me, whoops, spun. Yeah yeah, just the one, and all that... You think  you'll pass the driveby test?