12/06/02 - 17/06/02 Le Mans

Getting confident in the 100% reliability of my car, it was taken on a five day trip to France for the 24heures du Mans pilgrimage.

Unlike the very wet previous year, this year was a scorcher. We had a brilliant time, always doing something, went to numerous different restaurants, watched the cars from pretty much every vantage point, through the night etc. How it should be!

See, bike-engines can be used for long-distances too! The car returned 62Mpg on the journeys there and back! I was filling up once, for every three times the Vauxhall engined cars were, heh!

One memorable incident sticks in my mind of showing Nick the aural virtues of bike-power through the tunnel under the Bugatti circuit, heh heh!

Electric parallel parking! Walking in... Practice session. Pits.
Too quick, but looks arty. Too quick, but looks arty. Too quick, but looks arty. Pit lane.
Pit lane. Pit lane. Campsite. Campsite.
Bentley. Prodrive Ferrari 550. Prodrive Ferrari 550. Viper V10.
Fuel stop practice. Pit lane. Straight. Bentley.
Ferrari. Esses. Evening. Esses.
Esses. Finish. Finish.