25/10/02 Rockingham

Feeling sorry for ourselves, because of being unable to swing the Spa trip at short notice, a bunch of us booked in for a day at Rockingham International Long Circuit as consolation. The trackday was combined with a night on the beers in a travel-lodge and spectating the bike-engined-racers in a 6hr endurance race at Silverstone the following day.

So all pretty good fun, apart from strange taxi drivers in Towcester!

Rockingham is a very good circuit, the infield is brilliant, definitely will be going back there, especially when the weather is better.

The whole place is very eye-opening, the quality of the garages, grand-stands etc...

Grandstands, how big? Paddock. Leaderboard. Southern bike posse trailers.
Me and Baz in the in-field. Porsche-Supercup gives pursuit. Me, coming off the banking. Baz and Carl down the main straight.
Main straight. Turn 1. Carl on the banking. It was that wet, at times, I was tempted by my tin-top n'all.
Turn 1. Pit Lane. Marshalls truck. Main stand, lunch in hospitality suite.
In the garages. In the garages. In the garages. In the garages.
Supercup Porsches Jet Dryer! So how come they dont take-off?? Scales, serious!