06/05/02 Stoneleigh

It seemed to be a bit of a tradition that I'd take the car to Stoneleigh each year (and it'd been a drastically different car each year!), so up we went again.

This time it was threatening to be wet though, but I took it anyway, although I've got no photos to prove it was actually there, d'oh! Drove up on the day this time, leaving here at 5.30AM. However, this meant the roads through the Cotswolds were completely devoid of any traffic. Was well worth getting up early for.

Only took a few pictures, mostly of things that took my fancy; Orange Ultima, Dax Paddle Shift, and the GSX1000 lump.

Good choice. From the rear. Dax paddle-shift. Dax paddle shift.
Turbo'd busa. GSX1000, good choice. GSX1000, good choice. GSX1000, good choice.