19/04/03 Anglesey

Second time at Anglesey already this year!! An excellent weather forecast meant the first outing of the year for the ACB10s, and thoroughly enjoyed it they did. Much merryment was also had off-track over the weekend.

The car was awesome round the circuit; since my last Anglesey visit, its now got the ARBs and the quickrack and feels very settled on all parts. Totally flat through the Douglas/Mountview complex, easy to catch at the hairpin, and more confidence inspiring on the turn-in to School. Quite tiring on the arms on the way through Hill Rise by the afternoon!

Started to get a bit of brake fade on the hard downhill brake at the end of the start finish straight. I blame this on the ACB10s, and the 12month+ old brake fluid, so this is being changed before the next event.

Good to see Ric's Mini making another appearance, finally, its first appearance was years ago (Abingdon 2000), and its only just recovered.

Thanks to Tim for some of these pictures; the good ones!

Straight Nice wheels. Minge. Tartmeister with his seat.
Green. Minge. Posse. Paddock
Formula Bedford SR3 SR3 School Entry
Bedford School. Hotel. Paddock
Mini. Mini and Chris. Baz Safetymobile. Me.
Rhodri. Chris. Ric. Ric.
Call that melted? That's melted! Almost artistic! Dont get to see these views when taking the trailer (A55) route!