08/03/03 Llandow

Off to Llandow, in South Wales, for a damp day. Llandow is only 2.5hours drive from home, and is a pretty decent circuit. As many describe it: like Anglesey, without the hills. It also has a surprising amount of grip, even when damp. The bus-stop can catch you out, if you get on the throttle too soon, it'll be arm twirling time. Hopefully a quick rack, coming soon, will help with this.

This was the first trackday with the front Anti-Roll Bar fitted. In these damp conditions, my car would normally suffer chronic understeer at mild speeds. Pleasingly, the ARB would appear to have completely removed this tendency. With only very gentle understeer at much higher speeds, that could be balanced out with the throttle. If you compare these pictures, with those from previous events, you'll see the huge rear body roll is much reduced also (but a rear ARB is on order).

A few pics of mine, followed by a load from PicMan (www.picman.co.uk):

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