Hassle! One of the things that put me off Westfield was the fact you had to collect, whereas Caterham delivered. Still it's done now (although picking the engine up will be hassle). Rather than hire a big van, I borrowed a trailer (that used to be a caravan) and enlisted the help of my father and his tow-bared estate car.

This was my first view of my bits when I arrived at Westfield. It was the only one (un-nervingly) in this colour, so I knew it must've been mine.

It was quickly wheeled out and numerous bits of padding positioned in the trailer. I'm sure we were in the way here, because the factory was very busy, with factory built cars going in and out all the time.

Here's a V8 that they were tuning up and testdriving while we were there. Nice colour! :)

Almost finished. It took 45minutes to load, and it was raining! Various bits of body and stuff went in the car, the rest on the trailer. It was picked up on a Friday afternoon, and was going to be sitting on the drive at my parents house until Sunday, so it was wrapped up quite well, but not quite 100% waterproof!

A quick potter around the factory before paying and leaving into Friday afternoon Brummy rush hour. A race car and some other cars awaiting collection. The photo's a bit dark, but there's a sixties Lotus F1 car on the left, apparently it was used by Stirling Moss and is worth big bucks.

It was like a carpark in here. That green car seems to have been for sale for ages and ages. Can't say I'm surprised in that colour! I saw a 1600CVH shrinkwrapped and with labels etc from a local Ford dealer on. I rang my local Ford dealer to find out how much one was; about 800quid with no ancilliaries or anything.

Delivery & Unpacking

Travelled down on the Sunday (from Birmingham to Salisbury). I set out half an hour later than the Car & Trailer, and caught them up near Newbury. The weather was appaling, and I was expecting loads of water in the trailer. After much hefting, and flexing of the body we had it sitting on the stands in the garage.

We initially tried to get the body up the stairs and into the spare room, but the corners were too tight. It ended up suspended from the ceiling, which is ok, but I've cracked my nut on it a few times since.

The rest of the body went in the spare room, and was laid out on the floor to show people. It's supposed to be going in the big wardrobe, but I've not got round to it yet. I expect the neighbours are wondering why the curtains are permanently closed.

The bare chassis sitting on it's stands. Note, this is not how the rear axle is fitted; it's just resting there and was a good idea to lift it into there while I had someone else to help!