Module 3

There were two problems with fitting the engine. Firstly an engine mounting was missing, which wasn't our fault, but I won't go into further detail; suffice to say it will be rectified ASAP. Not very amusing really, but it's forgiven seeing as the weekend wasn't a complete loss. When it does arrive I think it'll be possible to fit it using a trolley jack.

Secondly, the engine hoist leaked oil like nobody's business when it was under load, and so we had to keep in under load for the least time possible. Lots of hydraulic fluid on the drive...

Miraculously, after drilling the holes and refitting the engine, everything lined up perfectly first time. Here's hoping there's no problems fitting the final engine mount.

Hmmmm, whats that block of wood for? It took an hour and several 'phone calls and ruler wielding to get this correct.

The proper engine mount fitted without too much trouble in the end. Good job!