Module 6

I picked module 6 up at Christmas time, and this was my last visit to the factory. I was keen to get the gauges and the battery fitted in order to fire the engine up for the first time.

Here's all the bits unloaded in my living room:

Trial fit of the dash and crashpad:

Wiring all the instruments in and shoving the dash back in. What a mess behind the dash, but I'm sure it could be worse!

After starting it up and toddling up and down the road a couple of times I started fitting the carpets. They go in fairly well the first time, but if you need to remove them it's a pain because the velcro doesn't separate and just comes unstuck from the carpet. Like the yellow piping? I wasn't so sure of it when it arrived, but it's not so bad!

In went the seats, quite comfy, but I actually prefer the seating position without any seats in at all, and I intend to take the runners off soon in order to get the seats an inch or so lower. The way the harnesses have to go around the headrests is annoying, perhaps I should have gone for the 'race' seats.

Sidescreen fitting, reasonably straightforward but hard to get both sides level!

A quick shot of the dash and almost complete interior:

The finished article beginning it's long wait till SVA (about 6 weeks):

After it's first wash, which was much criticised being as the car had never been anywhere, but there was a lot of white dust on the bodywork, presumably a release agent for the moulds.